We get the question all the time … how do you do it? Well I will attempt to provide some insight here. Really it comes down to just a few things:

1. One day at a time (sometimes minute)

2. We are a team

3. Divide and conquer

4. Organization, organization, organization … did I say organization?

In all honesty, we are tired ALOT of the time. We really don’t ever stop. There is almost always something we are doing, prepping or at least thinking about. And the little people need us for most everything which is exhausting. Throw in a couple bigs with school, activities, sports, social lives etc. there is never a dull moment. But we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Some tips we have learned along the way:

1. Make time for you guys as a couple: we try and go on dates as often as possible. Sometimes they are quick but even just an hour of time together is needed. One way we achieve this is lunch dates when our work schedules synchronize to allow that. Or if we can wrap up our work on a little early occasionally and go to happy hour for a beverage before getting the littles from daycare. Or a planned evening out with a sitter. Regardless we do try and get some ‘us’ time in.

2. Make time for yourself: no one is the best they can be if they aren’t also getting a little time to themselves. For us it is important that we each get workouts in. I joined an all woman’s bootcamp class that I attend each morning either just before or just after morning school carpool and before work starts. Bryan typically runs either just after school drop offs or during his lunch hour. Either way we make sure to get some time to release any stress on our plates.

3. Online shopping: whether it is buying clothes or getting groceries, online shopping is our best friend. Getting things delivered to the house directly or planned for a quick pick up saves an incredible amount of time.

4. Meal planning: I try and plan out our dinner menu a week in advance so I can more easily order groceries and so I can quickly know when and what to prep for the dinner meal each night. It reduces stress for me.

5. Meal prepping: since I pick the littles up from daycare as though they haven’t been fed ALL day long (which of course is not true … our daycare is awesome and the chef cooks full meals and snacks for them that they love). So I make sure to  prep dinner during a lunch break or right when I wrap up my work day but before we pick them up. That way the meal is ready for the table as soon as they enter the door.

6. Warehouse shopping: approximately once a month we hit our Costco to stock up on items. Of course I think every family of multiples has an obligatory pick in Costco and we are no different. 😄

7.  Accept help:  We try to do everything on our own, but since we both work full time and sometimes have multiple appointments for the boys in a single day sometimes we need help.  We are very thankful to have family close by.  We have learned over time to accept people’s offers for help.

8.  Color coding:  Yes, a little OCD but we have found that color coding things for the little’s really helps us, and them.  Especially helpful when one of them isn’t feeling well to ensure they aren’t sharing the germs quite as much by drinking after each other.  And yes, everyone in the house knows Jonah is red, Eli is yellow and Andrew is blue (in case you were wondering).