I can hardly believe it! Two years has just flown by. I know I’ve been in a fog but it has gone so much more quickly than I could have ever imagined. My babies are 2! I’m excited and sad all at the same time. These are, after all my last babies. So how to celebrate … with multiple parties of course.

First, daycare. We are fortunate to have a wonderful school for our littles to attend. The kids LOVE their teachers and their friends. So of course we wanted to celebrate with them. And we made sure to pick the twins favorite thing at the current moment … Lightning McQueen. Sadly, Eli wasn’t sure he was ready to turn 2 “Its my party … I can cry if I want to”

Celebration #2 with Gigi and Pops (aka my parents). We are lucky to have my parents so close by … they come visit with us just about every weekend. They love time with the littles and we LOVE them having time with the littles too. They are a HUGE help to us. To the point that Eli calls Gigi ‘mama’ hahaha. So we needed to celebrate with them on the twins actual birthday.

Lastly we couldn’t leave the big boys out. They were with their other parents on the twins actual birthday so we celebrated with them on a family vacation to the Great Wolf Lodge. We had a fabulous time. Although we were exhausted. But I’ll save details for how to manage so many on a vacation for another post. 😄