My plan was the twins would stay in their cribs until they were headed to college. Ok maybe not that long but I was hoping until 3. Apparently they had other plans. Imagine my surprise when I finally sat down to watch a few minutes of the Pioneer Woman when I hear an odd sound. I look up and expect to see my older son but instead I see my barely 2 year old waddling towards me with the biggest proudest grin plastered on his face. I said “oh no baby what did you do?” I turn him around to head back to his room to get him back to bed assuming the good twin was in his crib sleeping. Um no. I turn the corner and there is the other standing in the middle of the room. He sees the look on my face and stops dead in his tracks and knows I’m not happy. Praying this was a fluke I put them both back in their cribs and set up a camera to monitor just in care.

Unfortunately not a fluke. They can escape. Cribs are coming down and they will have free reign. Will they ever sleep again? It’s not looking good for this nap.

So I became nap monitor for the day. Not getting laundry done, a shower nor was I able to finish the Pioneer Woman. I rocked them, just sat quietly, nothing was working. I kept saying “Boys it’s resting time”. Apparently they thought I said “It’s wrestling time”.

It took a long time but I was FINALLY able to get the twins to sleep. But this is going to be an exhausting period trying to get them adjusted to beds. Not looking forward to this.  Anyone out there with multiples have advice on this rather unfortunate topic? 🙂