The will is strong with these two! Today they have decided to test my patience for over an hour (maybe longer) instead of napping. They have thrown ALL of their items out of the room and rearranged their mattresses. (Right now they are just using their crib mattresses on the floor until they can stay on them and then they will get actual beds). They have been making sooooo much noise and wrestling around of course (their favorite past time).

As if all that wasn’t enough, Eli decided to focus and use his extraordinary baby strength to kick over the baby gate and escape the room altogether. He was so proud of himself and even paused and said “cheese” to get a good pic.

They underestimated mommys will to have them nap today. I broke down and sat in the room. Andrew fell asleep almost instantly. Of course on the floor instead of a bed but he’s asleep … I’ll take it.

Eli was really working hard to challenge me and stay up BUT finally I came out victorious. Well I did have to rock him but he’s asleep and now I can get some stuff done. Like this post.  😄