We try and use our time with our children wisely. We have an age gap and blending to work with so we are very intentional about sometimes doing things with our older children alone (for one on one time) and older kids together (for big kid activities) or everyone etc. It is something we are very conscious of to ensure everyone has a little time to themselves and we are doing age appropriate things. 

So this winter break we decided to take our two older sons to Exit Strategy to try an escape room. We couldn’t have had more fun. We really bonded and learned that as a group we actually communicate really well with each other. With that said the room we did ‘The Queen City Bank Heist’ was really hard. They advised us at check in it would just be the four of us and they really recommend ten people play at a time. 

Unfortunately we were unsuccessful in escaping the room with the targeted blue diamond. Which means we were ‘arrested’. Lol. We agreed once we post bail we need to try and successful complete ‘The Queen City Bank Heist’. If you have older children we highly recommend this experience. It was such a great way to spend some time together.