I have ALWAYS wanted to do a mud run. And after having two pregnancies so close together I thought that was something I needed to put off even farther. But in January 2016 I started a bootcamp class and felt like I could at least attempt. I might have to walk some but I could finish … no, I would finish! I looked into the Warrior Dash and decided I would try it. I convinced Bryan to do it with me … the older boys weren’t quite old enough … next year 😄. I didn’t race for time but to finish … and I finished.

It was such a blast (I highly recommend if you ever consider). We got a sitter to watch the twins at home but took the older boys, Jonah and my parents to experience the event. Next year I plan for the older boys to run (if they are with us) since they were so into it. I think this is the start of a tradition for our family.