Many of you know that Bryan enjoys running and has been doing marathons for quite some time with the goal in mind to one day qualify for the Boston marathon. He took some time off from running after reinjuring his back and after having so many babies so close together. We were in survival mode for quite a while. He started back at his goal of running in 2016 with his eyes on the Charleston marathon and a goal of getting his BQ at the race. He wanted everyone to be there. I was a little nervous … 5 kids … in Charleston … Bryan off running for hours and me being on my own to get them to the finish line. I tried to remain positive and embraced going but I was nervous. That is a lot of kids to keep up with in a busy area.

We got to Charleston Friday night and got everyone loaded on carbs and to the hotel to settle in. We went to bed, Bryan anxious about his race … me anxious about my task. We got up the next morning (long after Bryan had left) and I started in my sprint. I got everyone dressed, downstairs for breakfast (lots of stares from the other guests), loaded in the car and headed towards the finish line.

We only got turned around once (luckily we left early just in case) and parked as close as we could … prob half mile or so from the finish line. I got all the kids out, the double stroller loaded and we started on the final leg of our race.

We got to the finish line and found the most perfect spot and settled in to watch and cheer on the runners. I felt so accomplished. I mean I know the marathon was Bryan’s race but I felt like I had just accomplished a marathon of my own. 😉

Oh and for those curious … he did get his BQ! And first place in his age group! Way to go bryguy!