Everyone who has multiples know that it is hard … really, really hard. There is a lot of work and little time for rest. Someone needs something all the time. So, you learn to celebrate what seems like small milestones for a single baby but HUGE victories for multiples, at least in providing some sanity for the parents. Of course, our twins are currently only 2 so this post will need to be revisited over the years as I’m sure there are more wins. But here are a few:

1. Getting off bottles: Whether you breastfeed or formula feed getting to sippy cups and regular milk is HUGE! For me, I struggled with tandem nursing so early on I would pump instead of nursing. Plus my twins needed at least high calorie formula in the very beginning and were on half breast milk and half formula. But once we were off everything and officially onto milk we:

  • Saved a lot of money from formula
  • Saved a lot of time from washing and prepping bottles (or nursing directly if you were able to nurse that long).

Once they could hold a sippy cup of milk on their own it was like a miracle!


2. Sitting up well enough to take baths together: When the twins were first born and so tiny of course we had to do separate baths for them so that we could sit them in the infant bath and get them done. Once they could sit up well enough we could do baths together and even with Jonah making life soooooo much easier and efficient. HUGE win!


3. Feeding themselves: When you have twins you are so focused on their needs which are constant that during dinner you can’t eat for yourself. Once they learn to master (reasonably) the art of feeding themselves. Wahoo. You have hit the jackpot. Now you can officially have 2 bites of your meal before they request more fruit because that is the first item on their plate that they will finish and want replaced. Who wants veggies or meat?! Lol. Bonus is when they can help feed each other.


4. No more pack n plays: so recently the twins learned to escape from their cribs. While I am still not thrilled about this milestone we recently went on a trip and it was SOOOOOO much easier to not have any pack n plays crammed in the room.

This was a vacation when we had three kids 1 and under. Yes those are THREE pack n plays!


I thought we were doing great getting to two.


But the amazing freedom we felt from our most recent getaway with ZERO pack n plays/cribs! So much more room in the car and the hotel. We just rolled those sleeping bags up during the day and there was space to play. Unbelievable!