You may have seen from an earlier post that Bryan was on point all week so that I could participate in an offsite. 

Day 1: Bryan was so good. House ran like normal. As if I were there. He got everyone to school/ daycare (well with the help of a friend who did run morning carpool for me to another school), he got people home, got dinner made, everyone fed, dishes done, baths, Jammie’s, laundry, teeth brushed, everyone to bed. He did great! So proud! Ready to book a week long vacation by myself! 😄

Day 2 morning: he got everyone ready and where they needed to be. The day was starting off great again 

Day 2 evening: I got home late (after 9pm) due to an event after work. The twins were asleep … ‘success!’ Then I go looking to check on others. What did I find??? Bryan asleep and everyone else still awake. To include the 3 year old. I asked him what was going on and he said the words that every working mom who is crazy busy working long days dreads … ‘I think I’m getting sick’. ‘Nooooooooo!!!!!! Not now. I’ve got two more super long days downtown at this offsite and loads of kids.’ So being the super compassionate loving wife I am. I remind him ‘parenthood doesn’t stop for illness’ and ‘suck it up buttercup’. 

Day 3: starts ok. Bryan gets up and gets everyone where they need to be but he is struggling. Worse the three year old isn’t feeling well either and needs to stay home. They stay home together for the day and I head to my meetings. I wrap up and leave a little early so I can get the twins from daycare since the others aren’t feeling well. I make it just in time and grab take out on the way home because it was 6:00 and I was exhausted and I needed quick and easy. I get home and Bryan looks awful but parenting doesn’t stop so I give him the options. A. Take care of the little people or B. Take the older one to basketball. He selected basketball. He left and after working really long days I start my second job and get the evening routine done (dinner, baths, Jammie’s, laundry, dishes, toys, teeth etc). Finally I could eat my dinner. Boy I was exhausted. 

Day 4: last day of the offsite. Wahoo! Bryan is dragging badly. Luckily we are starting a little later so I take the kids through school and daycare drop offs and head to the last day of meetings. Bryan heads to the doctor and the worst news I could get after such a long and exhausting week and heading into a weekend … the flu! What?! I guess those shots really aren’t 100% effective. So Bryan gets quarantined. I head home (it was a half day thank goodness) get him meds, get some groceries, finish up my work day and start collecting kids and start my single parent evening with all the kiddos. 

The evening was tough. The little people aren’t feeling well. Battling colds, viruses and ear infections. I end up with two in my bed because they can’t sleep either. And Bryan is quarantined away from the family. Morning comes WAY too quickly and all I want is to enjoy my coffee and have a few minutes of quiet. Can I Just Have 5 minutes? Apparently not. 


So what’s a temporarily single parent supposed to do in order to get some coffee and peace for 5 mins? You get creative. Rename ‘movie night’ to ‘movie morning’ pop some popcorn and get them to sit for just a few minutes. 

Any other tips/tricks out there? It’s gonna be a long weekend for me.