Aaaand, I’m back.  Good gracious that was terrible.  I was sequestered to the toddler’s room for 3 straight days drinking as much as I could, eating popsicles and sleeping while the toddler took my spot in our bed.  A position he wouldn’t simply relinquish.  Having the flu, followed by bronchitis, it has been an eventful week.  As you recall I was singing my own praises last week as Heather was attending meetings all week.  I should’ve known better.  Wednesday around lunch, I started going downhill.  It was a long way down to be sure.  At one point I had a 103 fever while on 800mg of Motrin.  Body aches, nose running, head pounding, etc.

After a while I was so bored.  Let me see if I can recall everything I watched during my down time.

I’m sure I’ve forgotten a show/movie or two but you get the idea.  So, I went from holding down the fort to holding down the bed.  And just like that, Heather was back on point, running the house again while I lay in misery.  I couldn’t kick the fever, it was just low grade after a while, but I needed to get up and out.  I needed to participate in life again.  That day finally came on Tuesday.  I was able to get up and around and even work a bit.  It was nice and I finally had all the meds I would need.  Yay, I am back and ready to relieve Heather of her single mom role.