You may have seen in an earlier post this week that I was locked away at an offsite for the entire week leaving Bryan to care for ALL the kids solo. 

Day 1 he did amazing! Morning of day 2 was going off without a hitch. I was ready to book a week long vacation by myself knowing he could ‘handle’ it. 

Evening of day 2 I come home and find the twins asleep ‘success’ but then bryan asleep and the others all still awake. Oh and it was after 9pm because we had an event. Apparently Bryan was getting sick and going downhill fast. 

Day 3 he got everyone where they needed to be in the morning but he was struggling. I got home right after the offsite and because parenthood doesn’t stop for illness I gave him the option. A. Stay home with the little people or B. Take an older one to basketball. He selected basketball. I ran around the house getting all the normal stuff done (fed them dinner, got them baths, got Jammie’s on, did laundry, did dishes, picked up toys, got people settled and watching a movie and then … finally … I got to eat my dinner). The second job doesn’t end. 

Day 4 we luckily started a little later so I dropped everyone at school/daycare and then headed to my meetings. We also luckily ended early so I was able to get home and help out with a few more things. 

Bryan went to the doctor and found out he had the flu. Ugh! Not what I need now. So I got him his medicines. Got groceries for the weekend (I knew I wouldn’t be able to get out again once all the kids came home). Got everyone picked up, fed dinner (takeout … yes even after buying food I just needed quick and easy). Did the normal evening routine (dinner, baths, Jammie’s, laundry, dishes, toys, bedtimes for littles, etc). Finally got to bed myself and I passed out. Was so tired. But not for long. Jonah was having a hard time and crawled into bed with me (Bryan was quarantined in another area of the house). Then Eli was having a hard time and came to bed with me. Both were kicking and hitting me in the face. It was a horrible nights rest. 

Morning has come and I’m exhausted. The little people are running around and being very clingy. I just want some coffee. Can I have 5 minutes at the kitchen bar drinking some coffee????? Apparently not. Lol.