Anyone that’s around our family much knows how obsessed Eli is with ‘baby’. The given name to his beloved stuffed panda that goes EVERYWHERE with him. It truly is adorable to watch him love on and hug him tightly. Anywhere Eli goes baby goes too. And he is hilarious when he sees other pandas. Like when we went on a recent trip to the zoo and entered the gift shop to be greeted by an entire panda section including a huge pile of stuffed pandas, tshirts and various other panda memorabilia and he screamed at the top of his lungs ‘BABY!!!’

So with the new movie ‘Born in China’ just being released and having a focus on pandas we just HAD to take the kids. Eli LOVED it. The others struggled with the slow pace of a documentary but Eli was in heaven. Reuniting his ‘baby’ with its own clan. Lol.

It was a great film and very educational. I learned a lot myself and would highly recommend.

And sorry to anyone near us in the theater who did not find his screaming and pointing ‘baby’ at the screen adorable.