We had the occasion to get to the ATL this past weekend to spend time with Heather’s family.  Her sister and her family are about to make the cross-country move to Seattle, so it will be far more difficult to get there than ATL.  Our niece was also having her first communion so we didn’t want to miss that.  We loaded up the man-van and headed South on Friday.

We were down one boy, so that left us with “only” 4.  We inquired with her sister if the church had child care during the ceremony.  She indicated they did not.  Oh boy, this just got real.  How to keep 3 boys, 3 and under quiet for the length of a Catholic ceremony for 100+ kids?  Strategy time; sit near the back and close to the end of a pew if we need to make a quick exit.  We arrived and got the program and it was like 10 pages long.  So, I prayed we would make it through. 🙂  I have to say, the boys did surprisingly well.  There were other kids more distracting than ours, WIN!

After that it was off to their house for some dinner.  Glad that was the option so our little guys could relax and not have to “behave” in a restaurant.  Dinner was awesome and the boys played really hard.

They had a red bike and a blue bike (tricycle) as pictured above and apparently our boys only wanted to ride the red one, so there were copious amounts of referring that situation.  They had a blast though and passed out as soon as we got back to the hotel.

In case we haven’t covered this here before, Eli is in awe of panda bears.  He loves them so much and if he’s awake he has his stuffed animal panda bear affectionately known as “baby” with him.  A few weeks ago we took them to see Born In China and every time he saw a Panda, he’d point and yell out “BABY!”.  So innocent, and cute.

Eli at Born In China with “Baby” in tow.

So, Zoo Atlanta is one of four zoo’s in the US that has panda bears.  This was a must see event.  We couldn’t wait for Eli to lay eyes on real “babies” and see his reaction.  The other cool thing is that the panda’s are twins.  So, we took our twins to see their twins.  It was awesome!  They were so funny and lazy.  Eli got so excited and we learned a lot about panda’s that day.

Of course the strategically placed Panda gift shop was a requirement as you see in the pics above.  So, now Eli has two panda’s to carry around and Andrew got in on the action too.  Kate went with us too, while the big guys went hiking at Stone Mountain.


Then, it was dad’s turn, a lunch trip to The Varsity!  It was the least crowded I’ve seen it but the boys fell asleep on the way over, worn out from all the walking.  Andrew wasn’t having it and decided he wasn’t done sleeping.


Thanks to Heather for letting me indulge in this awesomeness as it was certainly not on her “to do” list.

After that, it was back to John & Kate’s house for more cousin fun.  As you’ll see “baby” got in on the fun too.

The boys were worn out after all the playing and couldn’t hang too long this night.  Back to the hotel to pass out.  All the “baby’s” must have been tired too. 🙂

Then Sunday morning back to the house to celebrate Mother’s Day.  Matt made a great breakfast for everyone and more playing and lots of swinging.



All in all, a great weekend.  It’s been a busy week recovering so this weekend we are going to do a lot of relaxing.  Til next time…