We try and have family fun time on the weekend. Sometimes we go on adventures and sometimes we lay low. Last weekend was a mixture. The boys started out with wanting to have some chill time Friday night. What better way to do that than a movie night in mommy’s room. 

Saturday morning we got up and daddy went to run a 5k so mommy was running solo. I decided to try my first hand at taking all three out of the house and on an ‘adventure’ by myself. We didn’t go very far but the boys loved their time and were very well behaved (phew!). First we hit Dunkin’ Donuts to fill up on some yummy goodness. 

Then off to the local park to finish donuts and burn off our energy. 

After some lunch and a nap at home (for at least some of the kids) we then took to the yard to play more all afternoon. The goal is wear them out so everyone goes to sleep early so mommy can finally chill. 😄😄😄

What a fun filled day. Everyone fell asleep really easily! Score!!!

What do you guys do on the weekends to have fun and wear your little people out?