Today the last of my babies had ear tubes put in. The other two had previously been through the procedure so today Eli and baby went in. On our way Eli kept asking where his brothers were … I’m sure it was odd that we didn’t drop him at daycare with the others.

As we sat in the lobby and then moved to a room. Eli seemed to grow more and more concerned about what was about to happen.

That was until his awesome doctor brought him a present … a new BABY (aka panda). That perked him up.

Luckily the ‘silly juice’ worked quickly and Eli’s worries were gone and he was ready for surgery.

Surgery was super fast. About 15 mins. And he was out.

He was so happy when we left and felt good. He’s already saying he can hear so much better.

And new lovies to take home too. It was a good day and his procedure went well. Phew.