Bryan and I try to be very mindful to create individual or specialized time when and where possible. Recently I was invited to join a friend and her daughter to the beach. I decided to bring Luke and Jonah along for the trip. Giving Jonah some time to do big kid things and something on his own without the babies (yes they are 2 but they are still my babies). I was also hoping this would give luke and Jonah time to bond more in a separate environment for just the two of them.

The trip started off great. Biscuits on the way to the beach … yum.

We left early and arrived just after lunch … plenty of time to enjoy the beach and get all the energy out.

We caught up with our friends and enjoyed a dinner at the house and decided to share the leftovers with our neighbors for the duration of our visit.

We hit the beach for some evening play and swim time. Who doesn’t enjoy the beach at night?!

The great thing about the beach is little people fall asleep sooo easily! Love it!!!

The next day we had more beach and pool time.

We ended the next day with a date to a local seafood place. Yum! Who doesn’t love crab legs?! Soooo delicious!

We finished up our awesome brother beach adventure with saving a crab and jumping waves. Was the best trip ever! Can’t wait to go back! Thank you Rebecca!!!!! 😄😄😄