I have gotten behind in posting updates on our adventures. So here are some highlights from the last couple weekends

Yard Games: sometimes the simplistic activities with your brothers is all that is needed to have adventures. 

Children’s Museum:

We were a little unsure about taking the little threee to the children’s museum with just two adults but we decided to attempt it. We laid down the law as we arrived that we must ALL stay together. We were pleasantly surprised the kids did primarily all stay together and we survived the adventure without having any panic attacks with kids straying off. Win win. 

Game Time: for Jonahs birthday a special friend of the family gave him a new game. We had soooo much fun testing out pie in your face. It’s hilarious!

Pool Time: we love visiting the pool. It always wears my people out which is a must in a house with 5 boys! šŸ˜„ you are probably likely to see us at some point each weekend hanging by the pool. 

Boating: Bryan grew up on the lake and it is a fun relaxing place for him and the family. We love getting out there when we can although with so many little ones we don’t go out as often as we would like. We did have the chance recently to have an afternoon with just the big kids. We took advantage of getting out there and giving them some lessons in driving. Surprisingly Luke did well … and if you’ve watched him play Mario kart you would have been surprised too. Lol.