Our family loves the beach. We try and go each summer for a few nights. We have done city vacations (visiting museums and such) but by far our crew consistently agrees the beach is best.

This year we revisited Amelia Island in Florida. It is such a cute little town with beautiful beaches. The hotel we stayed at last year and this, the Ritz at Amelia Island is beautiful. It’s easy to navigate the hotel, pools and beaches (which is a must with so many little people). And they offer lots of kids activities and amenities. The staff was wonderful and everyone really enjoyed themselves. Only complaint this year over last year was an increase in the number of dogs due to changes in the American’s with Disabilities Act.  Due to these changes service dogs no longer have to be marked nor do owners have to produce paperwork upon arrival.  We are all for service dogs being present as they are a necessity for some people.  If someone truly needs a service animal it should be allowed anywhere and everywhere for their needs. Unfortunately, with the changes to the law it seems people take advantage of this policy and bring their household pets. I know it sounds like I’m anti-animal which I’m not. But when people take their dogs to the public courtyards to do their business and don’t clean up and my people find it while running around … let’s just say it’s disgusting, rude and inconsiderate.

We truly enjoyed our stay but do hope they adjust the policy to only allow actual service animals (requiring documentation or whatever is needed to certify such an animal).




The weather wasn’t great the first couple of days due to high winds and rough surf.  We found other ways to have fun though.


But as mentioned earlier the beach is our fav.  So, check out these great shots!

And yes, all good things must come to an end.  So, we continue our tradition of going downtown and eating at the Salty Pelican on the way out of town.  Until next year Amelia Island!