Ok ya’ll, I’m super excited right now.  A few days ago I shared a post on FB.  It was about an awesome new movie on Netflix called American Vandal.  It’s going to be an amazing event and everyone needs to check it out next month when it drops.  It is brought to you from the amazing folks at Funny or Die.  I saw it on the one and only Will Ferrell’s page and shared it.  I went on my way and didn’t think much more of it until this afternoon when this special nugget popped up in my news feed.


I was all like, “for really realz…?”  I love me some Will and in fact I love him so much our youngest son looks just like him.  In fact, I tagged Will in a picture of him on May 28th and was hoping to get a quick response, but haven’t yet.  I’m sure Will is busy curling his hair and making awesome movies to reply but it would’ve been awesome.  So, today’s surprise ‘Like’ was really awesome.  So, Will, if you happen to see this, drop me another like and I’ll be able to tell my youngest son that Will Ferrell ‘liked’ him. 🙂

Check out this cutie and tell me his hair isn’t fit for Anchorman 3!?


Now, before you all start in with raining on my parade with lame comments like, “You know he never saw it really” or “some intern on his staff just clicked the button”, keep it to yourself.  This is MY 1 ‘Like’ of fame and I’m riding it for as long as I can, because now well, I’m kind of a big deal!