Yesterday was a rough day. I was busy with work, trying to make sure all kids were cared for, where they needed to be, had what was needed, house taken care of, worked out, cooked … the list goes on and on and on. I was running out of patience as NONE of my kids were listening to anything I had to say. I might have gotten frustrated. I might have raised my voice. And I might have had wine by the end of the night. It was one of those evenings that I just wanted to go away and have a do over. I wondered who had possessed my kids. They were not listening and certainly not acting very well. We all have those times and those are the ones we try and get through because tomorrow is always different and something great is around the corner.

Today I woke up and just after getting up one of the toddlers was moaning from his bed. Both Bryan and I went to try and lay with him or get him up and he literally pushed me off his bed. So we both left and just let him rest and slowly wake up. That was until big brother came downstairs to his rescue.  I guess sometimes you just need your brother! It was so adorable that I had to get a pic. These are the moments … these are the moments a mom lives for. 😉