They say with kids (boys in particular) there is never a dull moment. This weekend is definitely one of those weekends.  

It started out normal enough. Playing in the yard, tattoos, trip to Chick-fil-A, Walmart, a special visit from our Zio and new shoes. 

Then the boys decided to be boys. Instead of napping they decided to jump off the beds which ended in an injury for Eli and first urgent care visit of the weekend for mom. Looks like Eli just has a bruise on his foot but could limp for a few days. If persists we may need an X-ray but hopefully it truly is just a bruise. 

Then minutes after getting back with the family from Eli’s urgent care visit Jonah gets bit my something at the pool. His bite gets more and more swollen so we end up at urgent care the next day. 

Not sure what got him but worried for infection so now on meds and steroids and trying to reduce swelling. Trying to keep a 4 year old off his feet is not an easy task. Especially after a steroid which kind of jacks you up. 

Luckily zio was here to keep the kids (and daddy’s) mind off of injuries. All aboard the choo choo train!