So much has been happening. We have had a super busy holiday season so there is a lot of additional posts to come but while I wait to find time for those it’s New Year’s Eve! We enjoyed a low key day with the family.

First daddy got a birthday present from the boys (oh yes we missed daddy’s birthday too). Of course everyday has a need/want for legos!

Then we took the kids to a movie. We went and saw Ferdinand which they loved. I found it a little slow at points but it was cute.

We had our traditional Asian dinner. Which was AWESOME and I’m still totally full from. I may have actually eaten my weight in sushi.

Then family movie time. The littles asked to watch the candy man for the third night in a row (aka … the original Willy Wonka)

It has been a great day and close out to 2017! We can’t wait to see what the new year brings! We have several trips planned already so it should be a fun and eventful year.

In the meantime Eli decided to use the force on daddy at bedtime. Just a small reminder to us to keep focused and on our toes in 2018 or the little people will try and take over. Lol.